First Day  - 20th -  Friday    20:00 - Brazilian Black Awareness  Day - A performance and debate will take place. In Portuguese . Artists and people from Brazil will be the discussion focus.

Second Day - 21 st -  Saturday 19:00 - a guided tour by a historian guide to the neighborhood, called "Little Africa"  in Rio de Janeiro,  it will be followed by a conversation about aesthetic models and the black expressions and also a discussion about racism in football.  in Portuguese.

Third day     - 22 nd 16:00 -  Sunday - guided tour in English and conversation in a virtual studio in English to allow  the subject to be reached by a more comprehensive audience. Guests include Juliana Santos Wahigren (ENAR Brussels), the dancer Bethanea Gomes, first Brazilian dancer to have the position of first ballarina in an International Company (Dance Theatre of Harlem) and Xavier Donker, Stichting Ocan.


Luiza Monteiro
Brazilian Culture Counselor of Brazilian Council of Citizens in The Netherlands

Het geprek is op het YouTube kanaal van  het Brazilian Council of Citizens in The Netherlands (Conselho de Cidadania nos Países Baixos) te volgen.


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