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Uitnodiging: deelname Creative Writing summercourse - ArtEZ, Wintertuin Curaçao, Escuela de Ecritores, University of Curaçao – op Curaçao, aanmelden t/m 1 juli 2018!

28 mei 2018

Summercourse Curacao Cinqo Wintertuin ArtEz University Ocan Caribisch

This summer we are launching special Creative Writing courses on the beautiful island of Curaçao. The intensive two-week programme is taught by the best teachers from first-rate institutions in Europe and the Caribbean.

Besides tuition from these teachers, the course is special for its international environment. With your fellow students, teachers and tutors hailing from all over the world, you get the chance to build a valuable international network. 

Lessons are taught in either English or Spanish, but you will be writing in your own language (Dutch, Papiamentu, English or Spanish). Group activities will enable you to get to know everyone.

The programme:

  • a fiction/short story course taught by Javier Sagarna from the Escuela de Ecritores in Madrid
  • a literary non-fiction course taught by Kees Broere, journalist with De Volkskrant and Curaçao resident
  • an Introduction to Creative Writing course taught by Frank Tazelaar from Creative Writing ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem

Course participants are also welcome to attend additional workshops and lectures:

  • ‘El papel de las emociones en la escritura’, a workshop on emotions in writing, taught by Mariana Torres from Brazil (associated with the Escuela de Ecritores Madrid and named by Granta as one of the 39 under 39 Latin American Novelists)
  • Capita Selecta lectures on literature and culture in the Caribbean, taught by lecturers from the University of Curaçao

If you would like to join this amazing experience, apply now!
We will select a maximum of 15 students per course.

How does it work? Please send in a brief motivation of up to 300 words in which you explain why you would like to attend as well as a sample of your work: a text of 500 - 1,000 words.

You can also apply for a scholarship; if successful, we will waive your registration fee!

The application deadline is 1 July.

Don’t miss out, don’t leave it too late!

For more information, visit www.creativewritingcuraçao.com or mail; or


Creative Writing ArtEZ University of the Arts
Wintertuin Curaçao
Escuela de Ecritores
University of Curaçao

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