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Expertise Center Education Care (EC2) op Saba, Caribisch Nederland zoekt kandidaten voor de functie Director Expertise Center Education Care (40 uur). Geïnteresseerden dienen hun sollicitatie en curriculum vitae te mailen t.a.v. mw. Henriette van Heijnsbergen naar . Sluitingsdatum is vrijdag 7 januari 2022.

EC2 and the responsibilities of the Director

  • EC2’s mission is to offer a coherent system of education care services supporting students, teachers and parents.
    • Secure a comprehensive and continuous offer of education care services for ages 3 - 23.
    • Execute and guard the education care system and integral policy for inclusive education.
    • Give direction with the board and EC2 team to meaningful education for all.

Management tasks

• Coordinate and manage care services by the EC2 team

• Facilitate and advise board and stakeholders

• Financial management and accountability

• Connect participating partners

• Promote equal opportunities

• Apply a cyclical system of quality management

Educational tasks

• Develop and implement the multi-annual Education Care Plan Saba that complies with legal requirements

• Promote the action-oriented perspective

• Use long and short term edu planning

• Perform educational assessments and placement testing for all ages

• Facilitate training for the EC2 team


• Relevant degrees in (special) pedagogy and/or educational sciences

• Ample work experience as an educational manager and/or in Special Education

• Able and qualified to perform educational assessments

• Have knowledge of the current student care system on Saba (based on the Dutch system)

• Apply Non-Violent Communication skills

• Fluent in English and Dutch

Challenges and opportunities

• Eager and able to take the lead in a multidisciplinary team

• Implement and promote inclusive education

• Handle the field of tension between urgency and competencies in a complex environment

• Your input is appreciated in relevant networks, giving EC2 a connecting role

• Transparent and respectful communication with students and parents

• Coaching of teachers

Check the EC2 website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel for information on Saba and EC2.

Candidates are asked to submit applications by January 7, 2022 to EC2 Director Henriette van Heijnsbergen at .

Your services are needed per August 1, 2022.

We are particularly interested in your motivation and experience.

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