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Expertise Center Education Care (EC2) op Saba, Caribisch Nederland zoekt kandidaten voor de functie Quarter Master. Geïnteresseerden dienen hun sollicitatie en curriculum vitae te mailen t.a.v. mw. Henriette van Heijnsbergen naar . Sluitingsdatum is vrijdag 15 mei 2020.


The Expertise Center Education Care on Saba, Dutch Caribbean, is looking to employ a reliable and self-motivated Quarter Master who will research – develop – implement a department for Special Education for the Sacred Heart Primary and Saba Comprehensive School on Saba, Caribbean Netherlands.

Research tasks

• Research the need for special Ed on Saba;

• Use participatory strategies to involve the stakeholders;

• Explore financial and organizational options;

• Make use of available information.

Develop & implement

• Develop a structure for a feasible and efficient form of Special Ed for both primary as well as secondary school;

• Write a project proposal with budget for establishing and implementing the program;

• Formalize the structure and curriculum with both schools;

• Define referral criteria;

• Teach the program for at least a year;

• Advise on classroom design.


• Relevant Master’s degree in Psychology, Special Education Needs, Education Management, Curriculum Technology, or Behavior Sciences;

• Experienced in working with children with behavior and development issues;

• Experienced in designing education programs; • You have courage and can motivate and inspire professionals;

• Fluent in English and preferably also some command of Dutch and Spanish;

• Depart from a positive pedagogical vision and the talents of kids and teachers.


• Contribute to and cooperate with a multidisciplinary team;

• Create a safe and positive learning environment for children;

• Work and live in a small island community;

• development of children, teachers, and education quality.

Check the Sacred Heart School, Saba Comprehensive Schol and EC2 websites, Facebook pages and YouTube channels for information on education on Saba

Available asap!

Candidates are asked to submit applications by May 15th to EC2 director Henriette van Heijnsbergen at

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