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Gratis webinar training Cultural sensitief care - Peace Servant

 Peace Servant Cultural Sensitief Ocan Caribiscj

Receive the invitation to this unique and free training on CULTURAL SENSITIEF CARE.

It is unique because different continents and cultures came together to put the training together. What makes it more unique is the working together of these different cultures to produce one training for all, which is supported by Islam and Hindu and African participants as sharing some certain common, identical culture. 

During our work, we discovered that the western culture reformed from those cultures held in esteem by this non-western culture. In other words, those cultures of other continents were also common with western culture before the reformation. This change in western culture brought other cultures into the present discussions. 

This is why culturally sensitive care needs attention in our present society in the Netherlands.

The invitation is not only for spiritual caregivers but also extended to people who work in care (mental, spiritual, cultural, healthcare in general, and so on), whether psychiatric, psychologists, pastors, policymakers, supporters of care, board members, specialists in care work, and so on. You can share the invitation.

Practical information:

Date and time: June 18, 2024 14:00-17:00

Location: online, more information after registration.

Register: no later than June 17 via :  Name, position and organization. 

Language is Dutch: other languages will be possible on demand after this training.

More information: Godian Ejiogu (Peace Servant), tel. no. 06 5091 4842. 

Cost: from their culture of hospitality, the trainers offer this training free of charge. As a token of appreciation, they appreciate a volunteer stipend.

Peaceful regards,

Peace Servant: spiritual care counseling and migrant affairs.

Godian Ejiogu 


Startdatum 18-06-2024 14:00
Einddatum 18-06-2024 17:00
Locatie Online


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