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Expertise Center Education Care (EC2) op Saba, Caribisch Nederland zoekt kandidaten voor de functie Developmental Psychologist (40 uur). Geïnteresseerden dienen hun sollicitatie en curriculum vitae te mailen t.a.v. mw. Henriette van Heijnsbergen naar . Sluitingsdatum is vrijdag 30 april 2021.

Developmental Psychologist 40 hours per week 
A reliable and self-motivated professional, able to think and work out-of-the-box  

As a Youth Development Specialist you focus on approaches about how to work with parents, teachers, children and young people. You provide well-coordinated care geared towards more prevention, better integration of youth related services and the use of social networks within the direct environment of students.
Core tasks 
• Observe interaction between teacher and student; 
• Perform psycho-educational diagnostics; 
• Contribute to the individual plans of students (IEP + IDP); 
• Be available at the daycare center and schools at regular hours for observations and intervention; 
• Support contact between schools and parents.  
 Guidance tasks 
• Offer the first line of support for teachers, parents and children through classroom visits, home visits, workshops or individual sessions; 
• Plan and execute intervention for students with socio-emotional or specific behavioral challenges.  
• Relevant degree in psychology, pedagogy or behavior sciences; 
• Ample work experience in supporting youngsters with social-emotional questions; 
• Able and qualified to perform psychological assessments; 
• Have knowledge of the current student care system on Saba, or will comply with it shortly; 
• Willing to apply a result-oriented approach; 
• Able and qualified to apply strategies to guide students with exceptionalities; 
• Work on own professional development; • Experienced in positive psychology/pedagogy.

Communication skills  
• Eager and able to work in a multidsciplinary team;
• Experienced in working with adults;
• Maintain regular contact between teachers, care coordinators, parents, and colleagues in other organizations;
• Fluent in English and preferably also some command of Dutch and Spanish; • Able to monitor and report on progress verbally and in writing; 
• Use modern communication technology to give constructive feedback.

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Candidates are asked to submit applications by April 30, 2021 to EC2 Director Henriette van Heijnsbergen at
We are particularly interested in your motivation and experience.

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