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Uitnodiging: On the Move: What's going on in Leiden?, maandag 18 december 2017, Leiden

16 november 2017

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On the Move: What's going on in Leiden? 

Exhibit opening & introduction to cultural and academic events in Leiden
Monday 18 December 17:15-19:15

You are cordially invited to the festive opening of the LeidenGlobal Exhibition 'Heritage on the Move'  at the City Hall of Leiden, with a welcome from alderman Paul Dirkse and an introduction by the Expat Centre Leiden and LeidenGlobal on attending cultural and academic events.  

Exhibition 'Heritage on the Move'
on December 18th, the LeidenGlobal Exhibition 'Heritage on the Move' will be opened festively at the City Hall of Leiden: a series of 12 photographs show how all over the world people's heritage is changing through migration.

Introduction to Cultural and Academic events in Leiden
The City of Leiden, with its cultural and academic institutions, offers broad expertise, collections and specialist on cultures around the world. These institutions organise events such as lectures, workshops, symposia and exhibitions. Many are in English and for free.

LeidenGlobal connects these institutions and is a meeting place built for people interested in places around the world, and the dynamics between them, their histories, and their cultures. On the LeidenGlobal website, expats in and around Leiden can discover news items, exhibition announcement and an agenda full of events.

Join in!
Join in on the festivities, have a toast on the New Year full with exciting events to attend and meet the LeidenGlobal network!

The event will open its doors at 17:15, and the official opening starts at 17:45, after which you are free to explore the exhibition.

If you would like to be present during the opening, please register here.

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